17. november 2018

In 2008, after being a team member since the 90’s in different bands like “Tørst”, “Plutho” and “Green Carnation” – Stein Roger Sordal released his first solo album “In Fort Knox With a Penny”(MTG Music) A completion of songs that was more or less based on his sing and song writer modus. «This was an important album for me to get released» Stein Roger has explained later on, «after being a team player for so many years I needed to release something that was just my own.»
The album includes songs like “Moving clouds”, “Larger than life” and “World at my feet”, which have followed Sordals repertoire since.

In 2010, he found out that instead of being a solo artist, he wanted Sordal to be a band, a creative force of great musicians creating music together, so he gathered his long time friends Tommy Jacksonville, Bjarne Severinsen, Kenneth Silden and Michael Aadal and got ready for pre production of a new album.

In early 2011 “Sordal” packed all of their instruments and recording equipment, and travelled to Stein Rogers family cabin out in the woods, where they recorded their new album. This time the music was more directed towards Country, Roots, Americana, with very dark lyrics and themes.

In April 2012 the second album “Pale Horse Waiting” (HW Records) was released – including great tunes like: “Tennessee Rain”, “Blah,Blah”, “Your love is ill” and “Ride on”. The album got great reviews in the Norwegian press and also got some recognition outside the national territory.

August 2013, the band once again travelled to the Sordal family cabin ready to record their third album, and the band has now found their right direction and style. The album contains very strong lyrics and melodies, and even though the lyrics have lightened up a bit, the songs are even more gracious and catchy than before.

In March 2014, the first singel “Della’s war on men” was released worldwide, and at the end of May, the third Sordal album – New Dawn, Old Horizon (MTG Music) was released! This was also the first time Sordal released their album on vinyl.

In May 2015 – Sordal released their new singel «Runaway». While the song has a slightly pop feel to it, it sure hasn’t lost the well known Sordal sound. The song went straight to #3 on Itunes Norwegian Top 100 list.

May 2016, the band released a new singel: «We are refugees», which have had massiv radio rotation, and also went high on the Norwegian top 100 Spotify list. Autumn 2016 the EP – «Chasing Endorphins» will be released on Hut 4 Records.

Get ready to be musically hooked and Sordalized!